Michael & Sharon's Page


The commission is to make two tables that somewhat match an existing table.
One is a coffee table and one is an accent table. The sizes are:

1)  36" x 36" x 18" tall
2)  24" x 16" x 24" tall

They will have inset, beveled glass that is flush with the edge of the table rim.
Mike will make the arrangements with Dependable Glass in Covington, LA.

Here are some details of the original table.


Left shows a chevron on a beaded leg and a facsimile of a swag and tassel. 
It also shows the edge of the beveled glass to be flush with the top edge of the table's rim. 
Right shows the center brace, curved and terminating in a semi scroll with a brass collar.


Table construction begins with making parts & pieces from industrial iron. 
Here are a couple of pieces being cut with bandsaws.

Left two table frames begin to take shape.       Right a bundle of 7 is welded together to begin a table leg

1/2" round pieces are bundled together, strapped tight, made parallel and welded

Woven Chevrons are being added to the beaded / fluted legs.
Left shows collars and circles for feet on the legs.