Sylvia's demi-lune tables


Fitting to the desired shape & dimension.
44" wide x 18" deep.
Excess will be cut off.
The back is made from 1" square tube.

Clamping to shape. The desired shape
is not half round, it is a squished half round.
18" x 44" So I clamp it to shape and weld
bracing to hold the desired shape.

The first of the decorative elements is being added. This rim piece is 2" wide. I drilled a hole every 6" to plug weld the rim to the apron.

The pedestal begins to take shape.

Top & bottom are made of 3/8" plate for weight & stability. The fronts are made of #10 gauge steel

Pattern & cut outs for feet.

10 gauge sheet

4 parts make up each foot 
3 feet for each table

Pedestal feet made of #10 gauge sheet

In the upper left background you can see the templates for the tops & bottoms of the two pedestals to be cut from 3/8" plate. 

Pedestal with feet and trim.

The other side.

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